Frequently Asked Questions

Please scroll down for answers to questions we frequently get asked about our cakes, delivery service, donations, special diets and values.


We are The Troubadour Baker in Seattle, Washington.  We are NOT Troubadour Bakery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
We were actually in business BEFORE Milwaukee's Troubadour Bakery.



Where can I pick up my cake?
Orders can be scheduled for picked up afternoons or evenings at our kitchen, located at 1714 N 44th St in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood.

Can you deliver my cake?
We are happy to deliver cakes at a mutually agreeable time (depending on time availability, this may be the day before your event).  There may be an additional charge for delivery.

How do I get the right number of servings out of my cake?
Looking at it, you might not think our 10" cake will serve 30 people.  But when you look at it like a dart board, you can easily see how you can get 30 (or more) servings out the cake.  First cut into the cake about two inches from the edge, then cut into the cake parallel to the edge of the cake two inches in and follow the curve of the cake around creating a ring (like the outer ring of a dart board).  Don't go all the way around to start, just go around a quarter of the way.  Now, cut slices of cake from this outer ring.  Once you've gone all the way around, cut the rest of the cake the same way.

Do you do sheet cakes?
Your special occasion requires a special cake, and even no occasion requires a special cake.  Round cakes are just nicer, and offer more opportunity for creativity and flavor and texture combinations.  They also take up less room in your fridge.  For additional servings for wedding cakes, we opt for additional undecorated round cakes so that your guests get pieces that all look the same, and look as though they came from the displayed cake.


Delivery Service

What is your delivery area?
We deliver to Seattle, Shoreline, Kirkland, Bellevue north of I-90, and the Mircrosoft area of Redmond

Do you ship?
Shipping is possible via US Postal Service flat rate boxes.



Do you have a Groupon, Living Social, etc. deal going on?
We are no longer participating in any daily special deal sites due to abuse of the spirit of the deals, inability to read what was purchased and entitled finagling.  Sorry.



Would you like to donate ___________ to our ___________?
Unfortunately, we are no long able to give donations.  Organizations have not been responsive to requests for receipts and we rarely even get a the thoughtfulness of a thank you note.  Sorry.  Like with the deal website above, many have ruined the pot for those that come after.


Special Diets and Allergies

I'm allergic to ____________!
If you are severely allergic to peanuts and/or tree nuts and seeds, you should consider all of our products as containing these.  We work in a shared kitchen space and cannot guarantee the utensils and equipment are free of trace oils.  We use all kinds of nuts, and we use them with abandon.  Please be honest with us about the difference between "allergy" and "preference".  If you just don't like something, in some cases it can be worked around and/or left out.  Allergies are understandably more severe and because of the kitchen environment, may not be able to be accommodated.

Do you make gluten-free baked goods?
We offer a number of products that by their nature do not contain wheat (such as the Torta Caprese, some of the mousse cakes and coconut macaroons), but we cannot claim or guarantee these items are gluten-free.  One of our core values is be true to the food.  Gluten is a key part of baked goods, and in order to replace that, gums, additives, and alternate flours are needed in order to obtain the texture and consistency one would expect in a traditional baked good.  Working with these gums, additives, and alternate flours is not our skill set.  There are several bakeries in town that have chosen to focus on the techniques required to make gluten-free baked goods, and we recommend these if you are sensitive to gluten.

Do you make vegan baked goods?
Most everything we make contains at least butter.  Only our spice blends, drink mixes and granola are vegan.

Are you a kosher bakery?
We use a shared kitchen facility, so cannot claim to be kosher.  However, we are knowledgeable of kashrut standards and choose to follow them on our own accord.  We choose not to be certified for political reasons similar to our views on organic certification.

Do you use gelatin?
Some cake fillings, some mousse cakes, some pies, and marshmallows, contain gelatin.  Please contact us first to make sure before placing an order if gelatin is a concern for you.

Do you use alcohol?
Alcohol used in a baked good is cooked out by virtue of the baking process, though flavor remains.  Alcohol and liqueurs used in syrups to soak several of our cakes is not cooked out.  In many cases, the alcohol can be left out.  If the cake is for children, or if you (our your guests) may be sensitive to alcohol, please contact us before placing your order to make sure it is possible to omit or substitute the alcohol, or note it when placing the order.


Values and Sustainability

Are your products organic?
We believe that a product made lovingly by hand, from scratch, and in small batches is more important than if it is organic.

We would rather spend our time making delicious things than researching for organic certifications.  Given the recent allegations of misconduct within the government organic certification system (which is supposed to be the only 100% guarantee certification), it brings into question whether you can even trust the certification in the first place.  We believe when certifications are paid for, it makes it difficult to trust the certification.  While we will purchase organic when possible, there are items we use that are cost prohibitive at this time to purchase that way.  Upon request, we are happy to purchase fruits for cake and pie fillings organically, this will require an additional charge.

Do you use GMO products?
Science is a thing and we believe in it.  All food is genetically modified.

Do you source locally?
We like to source as much as we can from other local suppliers.  Currently, we source all of our spices from World Spice Merchants, and we use two local wholesale suppliers for other ingredients.  Please let us know of a business we should be working with.  And the smaller the better!