S'mores canapé

Cerise noire canape

Cannoli sandwiches

Carrot cake canapé

Dessert buffet

Gianduja tart

Assorted cookies and bars

Strawberry shortcake

Tiramisú canape

Tiramisu trifle

Chocolate pot de crème with chocolate friands

Elderberry panna cotta with madeleines

Cinnamon mascarpone tart with poached pears


Chocolate cherry truffle cake

Amaranth cake with rhubarb compote and popped amaranth brittle

Chocolate terrine

Walnut yogurt cake with honey-roasted figs

Namoura with apricot compote

Crème fraîche panna cotta with ginger pear compote

Some items pictured are intended for style reference of past work, they may not be available.