Persimmons on ginger panna cottaFirst let me warn you that this site is intended to cause a rumbly in your tumbly.  If you can’t stand the smell of apple pie from the oven, despise the crack of caramelized sugar, abhor the sight of a cookie-filled jar, shrink at the silky touch of kneaded dough, or gag at the taste of butter... consider yourself warned.

What I hope this site can be is a resource not only for readers, but for me as well.  As much as I will enjoy sharing recipes I'm working on, techniques I learn and thoughts I have, I hope to learn from you as well.  Being a troubadour is not only singing songs for an audience, but it is learning new songs from your audience as well.

While I am a baker (I prefer baker to pastry chef, but perhaps more on that in a future post) by trade, it is not all I am and so baking will not be sum of this site.  I will garnish with some savory cooking, thoughts on things I'm reading, my photography projects, some musical riffs, and if a little science fiction finds its way into the pot... well, sometimes the geek must be let off the leash.

I am also available for hire should you need a cake for a wedding, birthday or just because.  If you have a hankering for an apple pie, I'm your guy.  I churn some really awesome ice cream as well.  So if your taste buds are tingling, let me know.

With that said, please join me in the kitchen and at the table.