Urban Craft Uprising

This winter's Urban Craft Uprising was this past weekend.  This was my first craft fair and the first time I've set up a booth to sell my wares.  It was a TON of fun and had a blast meeting tons of new people and providing some delicious moments!

A bit thanks goes out to my dad for helping with the booth and stay the whole time both days offering up samples of my Turkish Hot Chocolate mix.  I sold out of my new Turkish Hot Chocolate mix both days of the show.  It was a clear hit.  The question we got most about it was "What's Turkish about it?"  True, they don't grow chocolate in Turkey, but they do have a famous coffee that is rich and thick and usually spiced with cardamom and other spices.  This was my inspiration for the hot chocolate mix, it's modeled after Turkish coffee.  Since I'm not a coffee drinker, but I like the idea of Turkish coffee, I put it in hot chocolate instead.

Currently, this is only available directly through me, but hopefully will be in some local food boutiques soon.

Here also are some pics of me and my booth!